Alco-pop – The Sequal

The much anticipated sequal to the life of an Alco-pop , written by Maddie Priddle.

So it turns out, as I thought, that I may not be the source of the binge drinking problem. Not long after I introduced myself to you all the government decided to scrap the tax originally placed on me in 2007 – sweet!

The story goes that the tax was getting reviewed for its relevance and effectiveness because heaps of research was getting back to the government that said that the tax wasn’t working – young people were still drinking dangerously. 

Not only were heaps of people still drinking in large amounts, they were hitting the hard stuff, buying bottle after bottle of spirits. Instead of seeing one or two four packs as acceptable to take to a party, it was now acceptable to take a bottle of spirits with your mixer and endeavour to finish it, with or without a mixer. Livers of steel supposedly.

Another large criticism of the tax was accusations that it was imposed solely as a revenue raiser and nothing else.  There was heaps of political kafuffle about the validity of the tax and that the government was just trying to get money. Not only this but people thought that more could be done to curb binge drinking than just raising the tax on one sort of alcohol. 

So now we will be reunited, like old friends running towards each other in slow motion with a heart warming track playing in the background. But we will be more careful wont we?

I think I need to look at how I go about partying with my friends. I do know that some people were abusing our friendship. I do know as a result they were hurting themselves and others. I do know that they would wake up the day after and feel like their stomach wanted to crawl out of their mouth. But alas, they would do it again.

So I think that as a friend, I should look at how people treat me. Maybe people should be more careful about how they consume me. It will be for their own good. Yes, we can be friends again, but on the proviso that you don’t embarrass me and yourself in public due to excess consumption.

I’m a bit anxious though, what if people just revert to their old ways again and start exploiting me once more. Also there’s more sweet, innocent friends to make who could succumb to the lure of binge drinking. I have no choice but to be more cautious about who my friends are.

What do you think I should do?


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