I’m lying in my bed on a Wednesday morning, my body seems to be paralysed by the day’s work ahead. My eyes wander the ancient white plaster ceiling looking for detail in the marks and cracks it has accumulated over the years. This morning I am having a conversation between my mind and the conspicuous black stains that populate left hand corner of that ceiling. The subject: purpose. I can’t help but think of two questions – if i was living my ideal life, what would i want to do today? What percentage of me wants to go to work? It has been almost two years since I started at FRESH, almost a year since Hello Sunday Morning began and what seems to be happening is I feel I’m getting a deeper and deeper understanding as to what my purpose is but.. the details and tangibility of it seems to be putting more distance between it. It’s an uroboris. I know my purpose is: to use mass communication to shift dysfuntional cultural behaviour. This is what i want to do with my life. So the question is.. Is what I’m about to get out of bed for going to help me achieve that? However, the reality of life (that im really learning ATM!) is that I still have to do things that aren’t on my purpose to get me there. Today I will be spending ALL day at work writing a report on young parenting. Something that doesn’t really look like it is on ‘my purpose’. Often times this has been enough to make me angry about doing it or even do a shitty job. But i’m learning that I need to change my perspective. Living on purpose isn’t about the end game. It’s about the process. Its about being not doing. My mission today is to write that report with excellence and curiosity. Going further.. I ask myself, how can I live with purpose in cleaning my teeth? How can I live with purpose by making my bed? How can I find my purpose in writing a report on young parents? Ho can I find purpose in the everydaynes?
Talkative black marks.

Hey Chris

You continue to blow me away with the depth that you’re going into with HSM. I find it really cool that you’re covering topics (like purpose) that I’ve been pondering but have been unable to express as clearly as you do.

Thanks for sharing what’s in your head.

– Nick


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