Getting home from the valley around 2am, i must say we have always had an awesome time and i cant say that i felt uncomfortable at all but the truth is we didn’t really meet anyone new or challenge ourselves socially. The thing that came up for discussion last week after we got home was really interesting. I was thinking about Parklife and how incredible it was to just bounce from group to group, throwing a bit of banterous interaction then cruise onto the next one. Free and confident. But we really don’t do that when we are out at a club. We kind of just stick to our safe little bubble. Peeking around at other bubbles but not busting the status quo. The realisation we had when confronting the question as to ‘why can’t we?’ was that it isn’t a self worth issue but the real problem is we have actually only learned how to communicate in these situations WITH alcohol. Its a skill we need to learn. Even on a chemical level it’s like our brains have been programed to function to only socialise with new people WITH alcohol. Our challenge these next couple of months is to now re-learn how to do it. How to break out of the bubble and be confident about it. It all starts with hello.


I love dropping in to HSM and seeing whats been happening. I love this post because it is so true, especially for me anyway when I was a lot younger and to a certain degree even now.

Keep up the great work.

If I can assist in some way please let me know.




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