Celebrating and Alcohol

Reward. Relief. Reconnection.
Alcohol is the perfect drug to help us achieve these three specific things. Why? A relatively in-expensive pleasure, we can consume it quickly to feel that sense of accomplishment. It’s a depressant and helps us relieve our overactive, working brain to think about less stressful things. We perceive alcohol as a product that causes happiness or satisfaction, even for just a small amount of time. The public perception of alcohol is shaped by the way in which it is pitched by the market. We, as consumers, are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of daily visuals that demonstrate to us how alcohol is the root of all things fun, all things relaxing and all things that generally make us feel GOOD. One of the big questions on most people’s mind asks how genuine enjoyment is able to be achieved without drinking alcohol. Can we still feel just as carefree? Can we feel just as relaxed without actually drinking it? Can you truly enjoy an alternative activity just as much as drinking may be perceived to be? First and foremost it is necessary to establish what we aim to accomplish when we reward ourselves with a drink. It is only natural to offer ourselves a reward for working hard, accomplishing a goal, to acknowledge our own success etc. Rewards may provide an incentive to work harder or give an individual something to look forward to after monotonous duties. Rewards should be fun. They should make us feel proud of what we have achieved. Perception of celebration Change the way you celebrate Aim to be open minded. A reward should enhance clarity, happiness, strength and security. Focus on transforming your outlook on life to increase your ability to enjoy what you already have. Celebrating can still be enjoyable without drinking. Being in the moment and realising the significance of what you are celebrating is just as important. Patterns with celebration Break current patterns of celebrating In order to neutralise stress, make new timely rituals. Mindfully celebrate your day before it starts. Mornings should be a time of reflection and mental/emotional celebration too (let’s not just celebrate after the hard work is done). Being thankful should enhance your well-being in a positive way and open your eyes to be appreciative of what you already have and what you have already accomplished. Positive Emotion with celebration Realise that there is more to celebrate in your life Leading a meaningful and fulfilling life isn’t always easy, especially when there is a wave of negative and stressful pressure that we put on ourselves. Although these pressures act as a framework to set our own standards of success, don’t let these distract you from the positives in your life. It only takes a minute to acknowledge all things that we need to be grateful for and privileged enough to have to realise that there is much more to celebrate in our lives.

Oh how I wish it was that easy

This program has changed my life. I was never dependent on alcohol physically but it was a mental game. I learned at an early age every celebration no matter how small was a reason to drink. I never believed I was powerless over it but I didn’t know how to change my perceptions that drinking was the celebration not the celebration. If that makes sense. Hello Sunday works for me and I am sticking with it. What Rhiannon wrote here spoke to me and makes complete sense. Thank you.

It’s awfully early but once again I am awake. I have been exploring HSM. My daughter joined a couple of months ago and told me about it. I know it is time to do something different related to alcohol, it is not a good habit, and I am tired of it…


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