Saving is hard. Try starting a booze bank

The booze-bank

Have you ever considered starting a booze-bank?#hellosundaymorning

Hello Sunday Morning 发布于 2016年6月4日
Something new is on the horizon for Hello Sunday Morning. As of last Sunday, we’re rolling out a weekly series of helpful and inspirational content based on the top challenges from the Hello Sunday Morning mobile app. By looking into anonymised user data, we have found that participation in certain Hello Sunday Morning challenges positively correlates with changing one’s drinking behaviours. Thinking of our mission to change the world’s relationship with alcohol, we decided to latch onto this insight and release a series of short weekly videos to further explore these challenges for as many people as possible, and support you on your journey. The first challenge we’ve considered is the booze-bank.

Saving money with a booze bank

This involves setting aside all the money you would otherwise have spent on alcohol at any one time. How exactly you go about it is up to you you. You may want to stick to waters during after-work drinks, or you may only have one drink instead of four, and save the difference. It depends on your goals. With Australians spending $14.1 billion on alcohol each year, we’re sure many may find it a compelling argument to claim back their part of that total. Have you been thinking of taking an art class, or finally investing in a gym membership? Maybe you have been pining for a holiday or are considering buying a new bike? Is there something in your life that could use a little more attention from your wallet? A booze-bank might be your solution. Dream as big or as small as you like. Of course, we’re not saying it will be a breeze; challenge is definitely the right word. But just wait till you start seeing those tenners stacking up! Some Hello Sunday Morning members who have tackled this challenge managed to save hundreds of dollars a week by cutting back, and often looked forward to the process. Many of us don’t realise how much we spend on alcohol in the first place – the amount you spend, and therefore save, may surprise you. What’s more, with the growth of alcohol tax around the world, drinking is not getting any cheaper. Here’s to your wealth!

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