How to make the best smoothies

dsc01595_copy_1024.jpg Hello, Smoothie Morning! It’s safe to say, we are pretty obsessed with beverages here at the hello Sunday Morning headquarters. Our product manager regularly gulps down red Powerade, our general manager’s greatest hope is to never discover the health effects of Diet Coke, and our content team will not leave home without a portable smoothie of colourful goodness. Smoothies are the new cocktails, and with everyone owning some form of blender or bullet these days, you can really shake things up. giphy.gif We have put together a few of our favourite recipes, all vegan-friendly, to do our bit for the planet. For added protein after a workout, or to keep you full for longer, try adding a spoonful of pea or prana protein.

How to make Hello Sunday Morning’s favourite smoothies

Guilt-free Salted Caramel

1x large frozen banana Nut milk of your choice (almond, cashew, coconut) 2x dates (keep soaked in water overnight so they’re easier to blend) Pinch of sea salt Dash of maple syrup (for the sweet-toothed) Cocoa nibs to serve on top

Espresso Your Feelings

1x large frozen banana Nut milk of your choice 1x shot of espresso 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar (low GI)

Avocardio Workout

Half an avocado Coconut water or Bickford’s ‘Cloudy Apple Juice’ Fresh pineapple Handful of kale

I’m berry well, thank you

Large handful of frozen or fresh berries of your choice Pinch of coconut sugar Nut milk of your choice Vanilla protein powder 2x tablespoons of coconut yoghurt

Smooth Operator

2x tablespoons of granola 2x soaked dates 1x large frozen banana or mango Nut milk of your choice Sprinkle of maca powder

Not into smoothies as much as us?

blog_hero_non-alcoholicdrinks_1024.jpg We asked Hello Sunday Morning’s community what their favourite go-to drink was, and compiled an excellent list. Try these non-alcoholic drinks if you’re after ideas for ordering drinks out, hosting an event, or just want to wind down one afternoon with a refreshing beverage.

How about some sugar free recipes? Thanks!

Has anyone tried soda water with o good dash of red wine’s quite nice


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