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Change your relationship with alcohol through Daybreak, the award-winning program that helps you reclaim control and develop healthier habits.

Daybreak helps people change their relationship with alcohol.


Daybreak is a program developed by clinical psychologists. Members change an alcohol behaviour with peer support and with trained health coaches. Members have support to complete behaviour change experiments and set personal goals. Whether the goal is to cut back or abstain from drinking, Daybreak provides around-the-clock and tailored support.

Every year, Daybreak supports tens of thousands of people to substantially decrease their urge to drink and improve associated mental health symptoms after only two weeks in the program.

Daybreak delivers an online experience that uses the best available medical science, and technology and data to address behaviour change. The program is unique to the goals and aspirations of each person, determining what treatment works and for whom. There are no waiting lists and it is accessible at any time on a smartphone. So a busy schedule and geography do not get in the way of individual support.

Testimonials by Daybreak members


"(...)I had many day one's but this April I had a massive binge, stayed up until 6am drinking vodka & wine. I reached out to Daybreak & you guys were amazing... I laid in my bed crying like a baby, I couldn't carry on like this, I didn't want to. (...) So here I am on day 90 feeling good & learning(...) Thank you all so much! I'm truly grateful for you all"


“I want to say thank you to everyone for their never-ending positive support. It's worth every cent for this program. I can't believe the positivity I can give and receive. People go through cycles of unhappiness and happiness and there's always someone on here at the other end of the spectrum willing to take time out of their day to offer help to a stranger . It's so touching. I really thank you.”


“Daybreak for me has always been a safe place where I can admit my weakness and not be judged. There are more than enough people in the world who are sanctimonious and opinionated and more than happy to share their thoughts about my drinking, who don't understand how weak I feel that I can't seem to control it when everyone else can. Here I take comfort that when I fall, I will get picked up again, given a hug and given hope that I can do this regardless of how long and how tough the journey is and that's AWESOME.”

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