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Success stories


Austin, Texas

“I suffered from feelings of guilt and loneliness as a result of my alcoholism. I knew my drinking was causing a serious problem when my children came home to find me unconscious. I joined Alcoholics Anonymous to learn how to control my drinking and restore balance to my life. Whilst the program was enlightening, it wasn’t as effective as I had hoped for.

I found Hello Sunday Morning through the recommendation of a friend. The online program has allowed me to connect to a group of women who were experiencing similar problems, and the support from this community has been elemental for my recovery.”


Sydney, Australia

“I was stuck in a vicious cycle of binge drinking, blacking out, and losing my memory. One of my biggest fears was that I would fail, but it’s not a test. It’s just about getting you to think about drinking. Meeting other members and getting support has been invaluable.

I joined Crossfit when I started and I’ve been at it for 11 months. After a few months I realised I wasn’t really abstaining from alcohol, I was just liberated from it. I realised alcohol gave me a false sense of confidence so in removing alcohol it allows your real confidence to grow. I’m the same person, just more active and healthy.”