The Legacy Platform is now closed

Note for HSM members

The period of requesting a copy of your data has now ended.
We are sorry but we cannot receive data requests anymore.


Thank you for your curiosity about the Hello Sunday Morning (Legacy) Platform.

What started in 2009 as a blog chronicling the experience of being one-year sober, experiencing hangover-free Sundays, organically evolved into a strong community of support for many people wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.

Since the beginning, the team at Hello Sunday Morning has taken many steps to address various technical challenges to keep the Hello Sunday Morning (Legacy) platform up and running. However, in early 2018, the software creators of the platform’s technology ceased their support. For Hello Sunday Morning, this meant an inability to maintain the platform and guarantee data security, and the Legacy platform had to be shut down.

The decision was difficult to make, but without the ability to protect its members data, Hello Sunday Morning was left with no choice, and on the 17th of August, the Legacy Platform was closed.

If you were a member of Legacy, here are some follow-up steps:

If you asked for your data backup and/or to be deleted

Please make sure to check your spam folder on your email inbox. We have started to send the data, and it will take a few weeks before we finish this process, as we have received many requests and some folders have a lot of information, which makes the process slow.

It is important that you look for the email from "Hello Sunday Morning" and double check your spam folder if you don't find it in your inbox, especially if you have requested for your data to be deleted, as the safe data transfer lasts only a few weeks and we will not be able to retrieve your data to send it to you again if you miss that email or open it when the link is expired.

Keep receiving support

Although we can no longer provide the Hello Sunday Morning (Legacy) Platform, we hope we can help you find the next step in your journey. Explore our website and see if Daybreak may be suitable for you.