Our Story

Hello Sunday Morning was born in 2009 when Chris Raine undertook a year-long experiment to change his relationship with alcohol. A nightclub promoter at the time, Chris blogged about the challenges and successes of this experiment when he woke up hangover-free every Sunday Morning, signing off with,
“Hello, Sunday morning!”

First extending the challenge to his flatmate, by 2014 Hello Sunday Morning had grown into the world’s largest online community of people supporting each other to change their behaviour around alcohol.


Our ambassadors

Talitha Ambassador

Talitha Cummins


“I first met Chris when I interviewed him in Brisbane six years ago. He was so passionate about this program, it was infectious. I knew I wanted to try it. I was sick of not remembering nights, hangovers and relying on alcohol to give me confidence. Before I met Chris I was a big drinker. But it took me four years before I was brave enough to attempt life without it. Now I’ve stopped drinking permanently. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. I want to show others how it can change theirs.”

Nick Ambassador

Nick Buchanan

Professional Cricketer

Nick is a Professional Cricketer for the Queensland Bulls and the Brisbane Heat, and is a part-time model. Over his 5-year sporting career he has suffered from a number of injuries requiring major operations. During this recovery time, his relationship with alcohol changed from casual drinker to something more serious. One particular alcohol fuelled night led him to reassess his relationship with alcohol which led him to becoming an Hello Sunday Morning Ambassador. After experiencing firsthand the binge drinking culture amongst Australia’s young professional sportsman, Nick is passionate about raising awareness and sharing his story.

Kram Ambassador



Aria-award winning, multi-platinum selling, all-round legend – KRAM, best known for his role in Australian band Spiderbait – joined Hello Sunday Morning as drummer, singer and co-writer in our ‘Don’t let the day get away’ campaign. As an iconic Australian at the heart of our rock culture, Kram is the perfect supporter of Hello Sunday Morning. He is a firm believer in the change the organisation is trying to make with a personal ambition to challenge Australians to think for themselves and find a more conscious relationship with alcohol.

Maz Ambassador

Maz Compton

Radio host

With equal doses of charisma and quick wit, Maz Compton has a proven track record as one of Australia’s foremost radio personalities and entertainment reporters. A leading authority and tastemaker in the music and youth genres, Maz has more than eight years’ experience on camera and on radio. A self-confessed adrenalin junkie with a love for snowboarding and boot-camps, Maz has a fearless approach to her life and work, always ready to tackle new challenges.

Shanna ambassador

Shanna Whan

Health Coach

Speaker, MC, health coach, and recent NSW-ACT Agri-Futures rural woman of the year award finalist Shanna Whan has immense lived experience when it comes to what she calls the ‘casual alcoholism’ culture of country Australia. She has taken her own story of survival from rock bottom four years ago and now dedicates her time to being an authentic representation of her remote and regional peers to drive awareness and change in this space. Since 2015 she’s gone national with her honest conversations through her online initiative Sober in the Country, where she’s been connecting people and making a positive ripple effect of change.

Tommy Ambassador

Tommy Franklin


Tommy Franklin got the nation up and dancing during his audition for Australia’s Got Talent in 2013 Caught up in the alcohol and drug scene when he was younger, Tommy started to dance as an escape and has been spreading smiles around the world ever since. Inspiring many to dance like no one is watching, Tommy hosted our first Hello Sunday Morning dance party in Sydney in 2017.


Hello Sunday Morning’s Work Culture

“Building a great organisational culture is like creating a master stock – they are very fragile, constantly changing under the pressure of progress, and you have to stay brave enough to add ingredients that evolve it to the current situation. You have to get the balance right. Without keen taste buds for what is really going on, and the willingness to take risks, they can quickly go very stale or very sour. But, when you get the balance right, cultures become the essential foundation of doing great work.

Our culture at Hello Sunday Morning is one that is always changing; it hasn’t always been amazing but I have come to learn that it is the most important thing about my job. We are now a team of 16 people with the responsibility of supporting the largest online community in the world for people looking to change their relationship with alcohol. But without a great culture, none of it matters …”

– Chris Raine, Hello Sunday Morning founder and CEO. (Read the full story)

The Hello Sunday Morning team

hello sunday morning team hello sunday morning team hello sunday morning team


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